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Ohio Plastics Belting Co. is the leading  manufacturer of the finest plastic coated  nylon webbing produced anywhere  in the USA.

Ohio Plastics Belting Co. is
the leading manufacturer of
the finest plastic coated 
polyester webbing produced
anywhere in the USA.


We also offer our specialty items.
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We manufacture Belting in Standard, Grooved, Beaded,
Matte Finishes and in black and most colors as well as
Clear Coats, Color Coats, Thin Coats, Heavy Duty and
Specialty Belting, such as Camouflage, Hunter Orange,
Leather-Thane, Logo-Belts, Glo-Belts, Flag-Belts and
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As the sole manufacturer of Ohio-Thane, we can provide you with the highest quality
products and services available. We are capable of producing any product or color
to your rigid specifications with quality polyester webbing inside -
and all made in the USA!

We are also capable of providing assistance and services for your customized
or assembly requirements, such as cut, punch, weld, grommet, product assembly,
embossed belting, or printed webbing.  Unlike our competitors, we do not intend
to compete with our customers, rather to help them every way we can to
grow their business.

Ohio-Thane combines polyurethane and polyester webbing with the latest technology
to produce the best-coated belting product ever manufactured.  Strong and durable,
yet "It's Like Sewing Through Butter!"  Ohio-Thane products are absolutely the
best value available in the industry.

Our quality coated polyester webbing can be produced in any size between  1/2" and 3",
and have the following characteristics:


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• Plastic Fabrication • Displays • Custom Signs
• Vinyl Lettering • Vehicle Marking & Graphic Design


Fax - (440) 243-5326
Email  - daves@firstlocal.net
website -  http://www.ohiothane.com/
Mailing Address  - P.O. Box 593, Columbia Station, Ohio 44028

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